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Explore the mysteries of plant medicine

At Eden, a retreat centre in the heart of Brazil

Welcome to Eden Sanctuary

Where nature meets deep spiritual reflection

Eden Sanctuary is nestled in the Chapada Diamantina National Park, a mountainous region located in the state of Bahia. Eden’s story began with Paul Mallon, an Englishman who arrived in Brazil 14 years ago and, mesmerised by its charm, never left. His transformative journey, sparked by profound encounters with cacao and Ayahuasca, led him to organize retreats that offered a safe environment for individuals seeking personal growth. 12 years ago, Paul invited his friend Henry Dummett to one of the ceremonies, and Henry immediately felt an emotional bond with the landscape. When Paul was offered the opportunity to buy some land in Vale do Capão, he joined forces with Henry, and together, they created Eden Sanctuary.

Eden was built with your wellbeing in mind. Your rest, healing, and inner peace are the core of our story.

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Our Accomodations

Live in harmony with nature

From a charming and intimate cabin to a comfortable and grand house, Eden has something for everyone. Each place offers comfort and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wilderness.

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Know Thyself Retreat

Explore your mind with our Ayahuasca experience

We offer healing, professionally guided Ayahuasca retreats to those seeking profound introspection. Clarity, purpose, and liberation await those who are ready to embark on this inward adventure.

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Eden rests in one of Brazil’s most stunning National Parks: Chapada Diamantina. It boasts idyllic trails, rushing rivers and a multitude of impressive waterfalls; you can swim in a new one every day. The nearest village, Vale do Capão, is located 6km away and enjoys an array of restaurants and bars. Whether you’re keen on trying the traditional jackfruit dishes or you want quick and easy plant-based options, Vale do Capão has got you covered. The best part? The Sunday market, where you’ll browse the local crafts, try exotic foods, and live among the villagers.

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